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Started on December 10, 2022

The PTE Academic Exam is a computer-based English Language Examination approved by universities across the world. Students, working professionals or anyone who wishes to travel overseas to study or migrate to a big English-speaking country must take the PTE Academic exam to show their English-speaking abilities. The three-hour computer-based exam emphasizes English day-to-day rather than moderate English and examines a student’s ability to understand the language spoken every day accurately. The multi-level rating system enables a better grasp of the student’s English language proficiency.

There are a variety of reasons that differentiate PTE Academic from other English proficiency exams. The first and foremost distinctive feature of the same is the score pattern and the results. As the exams are fully computerized, PTE results and scores are released much sooner, normally within 2 business days. This makes it easy for students who are in a bit of a hurry. 

PTE Coaching is offering the best online PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad. We provide you with the best pte faculty who have been in the field for a long time. We understand the candidate’s pace, their needs and goals and help them to achieve it. Our faculty trains and guides you in achieving your desired scores through the exam evaluation point of view, making you one step closer to achieving your best pte score. 

Attend our free demo class for online PTE coaching classes in Ahmedabad

At A One Australia Education Group, we provide you with a free demo class to get an insight into how we take up PTE coaching in Ahmedabad. For more details and enrollment to our free demo class, fill the contact form and our team will get in touch with you. In this demo class, you will also get to know about our faculties and their teaching techniques which will help you score high in your pte exam. 


How would Our Online PTE Training in Ahmedabad benefit you?


Easy access from anywhere at anytime

  • Self-paced learning
  • The comfort of your own space
  • Personalized coaching 
  • Interactive learning 
  • PTE ebooks
  • Mock tests provided with Evaluation
  • One to One feedbacks from our professionals
  • Affordable PTE Coaching fees 

How will our Online PTE coaching in Ahmedabad help you score well in the PTE exam?

  • Trained Professionals-

We offer you the best PTE coaching in Ahmedabad, where you get the guidance of a trained professional who has scored 90 in each module. 

  • Mock tests and Evaluation-

We offer you monthly mock tests that will help you track your progress and our in-depth Evaluation to know what all areas need your attention. 

  • Classes on Weekends-

If you are a working professional or a student and are occupied with work all week, we have weekend batches too for you to enrol in. You can schedule your PTE training on our weekend batches.

  • Practice Sessions-

We offer you 3 hours of weekend practice sessions through which you can gain confidence, and this will also help you in doing your time management which would result in performing well in the PTE exam. 

  • Scheduled Timetables-

We provide you with a scheduled timetable which has to be followed. By following this timetable, you can systematically be prepared for your PTE exam and help you score your desired goal in time with efficiency. 

Why Choose PTE Online Coaching?

Given the pandemic scenario, it becomes quite risky to get out of your house for your PTE training. But it doesn’t mean you need to pause pursuing your goals. Hence, you can opt for PTE Online Coaching in Ahmedabad, where you are at the comfort of your own space, safe and schedule your batch as per your availability. PTE Online coaching also helps you learn at your pace, and even if you miss or want to refer to previous lectures, it is always a click away! We also provide you with one to one feedback and interactive learning in PTE training. You won’t need to commute through heavy traffic amongst the pandemic, rather enrol for our PTE online coaching in Ahmedabad and benefit from learning from your own comfort space without wasting your time. 

PTE Course structure (PTE academic) –

  • Speaking and writing

Time allotted– 77-93 minutes

In this module the tasks which are to be performed by the candidate are personal introduction, reading out loud, repeating the given sentence, Describing the given image, Answer in short,Retell lecture, summarize the text and writing an essay (20 minutes). 

  • Reading

Time allotted– 32-41 minutes

In this module the tasks which are to be performed by the candidate are Fill out the blanks, Multiple choice questions, Rearranging the paragraphs.

  • Listening

Time allotted– 45-57 minutes

In this module the tasks which are to be performed by the candidate are to summarize the spoken text, Multiple choice, Identifying the correct summary, Multiple choice where one can select multiple answers, identifying and filling the missing word, identifying incorrect words and to write from dictation. 

  • Affordable PTE online coaching Fees-

Apart from saving your time, you could also save your money by enrolling to our PTE training online with affordable fees and various other packages. 

  • Various packages to select for PTE Online Coaching 

We’ve got you covered when it comes to offering various packages right from one month to Unlimited. Online PTE coaching fees, we’ve made it convenient, just for you! 

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